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This is a package that contains several tools to manipulate authz files (as used by mod_auth_svn module for Subversion. The main reason for this package to exist – big authz files and authz files located on remote computers.


Current version — 0.6.1, released on 13th of July, 2005


v0.6.1, 13.07.2005

Jon Schewe suggested to use SCRIPT_NAME variable instead of hardcoding the path

v0.6, 22.06.2005

fixed a bug with authz-admin (it did not append new line in one place, result was that some lines were merged which caused problems); paths for a particular repository are shown in the lexicographical order (helps to navigate through multiple entries); added preliminary code for htpasswd files management

v0.5, 5.04.2005

Fixed a bug (authz-admin did not seem to do what it was expected to do); added fine grained rights for manipulating authz files via cgi-script

v0.4.2, 3.04.2005

Added one more configuration parameter to the authz-admin script (thanks, extrealm): you can now specify how you access the script on your server

v0.4, 3.04.2005

Added authz-admin cgi-script

v0.3, 2.04.2005

Initial version



Its usage is pretty simple:

authz-tool <authzfile> <operation> [<arg>]

Where operation is one of the following:

dumps the content of [groups] section to the standard output
replaces the contents of the [groups] section with what is given on the standard input. if the input does not have a [groups] section, the [groups] section in the specified file will be removed
get <repo>
dump all sections that are related to the specified repository
set <repo>
replaces all sections for the specified repository with what is given on the standard input. the input is going to be checked and only appropriate sections will be put in the file
del <repo>
remove all sections related to the specified repository

NOTE: for the operations with general unqualified sections, you may specify '' (empty string) as a repository name


authz-admin is a CGI script that allows modification of an authz file

It can be used in two essentially different ways:

  • there are no restrictions accessing the script
  • user must be authenticated to access the script

Installation (Common Part)

  • copy the script to /usr/lib/cgi-bin
  • modify two variables at the very beginning of the file:
    • authz_file -- authz file you'd like to maintain
    • template_file -- template that is part of this package
  • make sure the script is exectuable: chmod +x /usr/lib/cgi-bin/authz-admin
  • make sure that the authz file is writable for the user under which web server is running (in case of Debian):
              chown www-data:www-data /path/to/authz/file
              chmod u+w /path/to/authz/file
  • point your browser to

Restricted Access

When run script checks if the user had to authenticate herself. If yes, then the script will perform additional checks to see if the user can perform certain operations. The rights are granted by adding user to the special groups (these must be defined in [groups] section):

only users from this group can modify [groups] section
users from this group can modify all non qualified paths (sections that are named like [/path])
users from this group can modify paths for the specific repo (sections that are named like [repo:/path])

So to restrict certain operations to specific users you'd have to do the following (for apache):

  • add to the configuration file a section like
        <Location /cgi-bin/authz-admin>
          AuthType  Basic
          AuthName  "Editing Authz File"
          AuthFileName  /path/to/htpasswd/file
          Require valid-user
  • add to [groups] section of your authz file at least the following line
              authz-admin-<super> = yourusername
  • restart apache and here you are




Mikhail Sobolev, <>

Copyright © 2005, Mikhail Sobolev

You may use, modify and redistribute this program according to the terms and conditions of GPL v2


Thanks to darix at #svn for the idea:

<darix> start coding

and to Alexey Vyskubov:

if you finished coding, release it!

I'd also like to thank these people:


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