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Fookb is Xkb state indicator. It can display an icon corresponding to current locked Xkb group. It also can switch Xkb groups.


Fookb 3.1 is released. Now icon size 48x48 is not hardcoded; any size may be used (but all the icons should be of the same size). The idea was proposed by Andrei M. Soukharev <>. You can get fookb as .tar.gz or as .tar.bz2. No zip version. No more Debian packages! Fookb is included in Debian now, thanks to Wartan.

Fookb 3.0 is released. No libproplist support in this version! If you use Window Maker 0.70+ then you get the same functionality using libWUtil. If you still have old version of Window Maker (or no Window Maker at all but you do have libproplist) get fookb 2.21 or use X resources for setting fookb up.

Fookb 2.21 is released. Get it here. No new features; some code cleanup and --enable/disable-libproplist/wmaker options for configure. No more Debian packages! -- see the previous piece of news.

Thanks to Wartan -- fookb is now in Debian unstable.

Fookb 2.13 is released. If you have 2.12 and it works ok you probably do not need this version.

After 4 years of fookb existing I may say that it's stable.


Fookb is primarily designed for WindowMaker window manager so it can be compiled as a dockable application with libWUtil (prior to 3.0 libPropList) support (hence should be configured with ~/GNUStep/Defaults/FOOkb file). But if you do not have WindowMaker and/or libProplist/libWUtil fookb will work too. You absolutely need libX11 and libXpm. Without WindowMaker fookb will work as usual X11 application. Without libWUtil/libProplist fookb should be configured with X resources and/or command line parameters.


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